Coronation Street‘s Violet plans to leave secretly and set up home with Jamie far away from Sean, says actress Jenny Platt.

When Violet first got pregnant she was fed up with Sean not being there for her. But now he’s doing far too much, isn’t he?

“Sean just won’t shut up about the baby and interfering in Violet’s life. He’s not happy about her having a home birth and goes as far as arranging a professional cleaner to make sure her flat’s hygienic. It’s just too much!”

But surely, as Steve points, Sean’s just excited about the arrival of his baby?

“Violet appreciates that, but he’s just too over the top. The deal was that Sean would provide the sperm for Violet’s baby and then be as hands-on or as hands-off as she wanted. It was agreed Violet would call the shots. She understands that Sean wants to be involved – but not to this extent.”

Bet she’d want Sean to be totally involved if she didn’t have Jamie!

“It’s true that the dynamics have changed. Violet plans on bringing up the baby with Jamie. But things really changed when Sean started seeing Marcus.”

But then she starts thinking, what if she and Jamie were a real couple? Living life somewhere away from Weatherfield?

“Violet wouldn’t be cutting Sean out of the baby’s life. She and Jamie just want to be a normal couple with a baby, but that’s not going to be possible in Weatherfield. Sean will take centre stage. Violet wants space and peace and quiet when she gives birth. That’s so not going to happen with Sean around. Violet and Jamie plan to leave before the baby arrives. After he’s born they’ll contact Sean and ask him to visit. Violet wants Sean to be part of her baby’s life.”

If Violet offends Sean isn’t she risking him fighting for custody of their baby?

“But Sean will be allowed access.”

So why don’t Violet and Jamie tell Sean their plans?

“Because Sean would plead with her not to go and she’d find herself backing down. She wants to go quickly and quietly before the baby’s born.”

And what happens if the baby turns up before they escape?

“It would be difficult for them to steal the baby away from under Sean’s nose. They better hurry up – there isn’t much time.”