Violet gets Sean to play dad

Coronation Street’s Violet wants a baby and actress Jenny Platt says she’s counting on Sean to make it happen!

Sean and Violet agree to make a baby. Wow, big decision, eh?

“Yes! Sean had already said that he’d have a baby with Violet if she didn’t meet anybody. Then he brings up the subject again and says he’s serious. He assures her it will be just like getting sperm from a sperm bank but this way the child will know who’s the daddy.”

How does Violet feel about it?

“Excited. She’s desperate to become a mum and thinks Sean would be the ideal father.”

Wouldn’t she rather do it the conventional way and find a husband?

“She’d love nothing more than to find the right man, get married and have kids. But she’s been told that her fertility is on the decline because of her ectopic pregnancy and her urge to be a mum is getting in the way of dating.”

What do you mean?

“It’s putting pressure on her new relationships and she realises it might be easier to do it the other way round – have the baby first and then concentrate on finding the right man.”

Do you think she’s thought this through?

“No! It’s very spur of the moment. If I were her friend I’d tell her to think long and hard before she went ahead. But as soon as Sean says he’s willing Violet wants to get on with it.”

What happens?

“She urges Sean to have sex with her during a lunch break. That’s a lot of pressure on a gay man! Sean is nervous because he’s never had sex with a woman before and doesn’t know if he’ll manage it.”

Sounds embarrassing!

“I know. It’s an awful scenario. I would be so embarrassed if it were me but Violet is quite cool about it. They have a few drinks and poor Sean just gets camper and camper. Antony Cotton and I were in hysterics filming those scenes. We had such a laugh between takes. He kept chasing me up the stairs and calling himself The Sperminator!”

So, do they manage it?

“No, they don’t!”

What then?

“It’s back to the old turkey baster technique. She gets Sean to deliver and, err, off she goes…”

Does it work?

“No, and Violet is crushed. But she’s determined to try again. Her demands for poor Sean’s sperm start to wear him out!”

How will they feel if it works?

“Thrilled! Well, they will be at first. But I am sure the whole situation will get complicated…”

Could she cope as a single mum?

“Violet thinks to herself that loads of people do a brilliant job as single parents. And it must be better than being in an unhappy marriage.”

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