Violet and Jamie kiss and make up and that, says Coronation Street star Jenny Platt, leaves Sean out in the cold!

Jamie and Violet are getting back together. What happens?

“It’s been a gradual build-up. They’ve been friends again for a while and are enjoying each other’s company.”

But then it becomes something more, right?

“One evening Jamie turns up at the pub ready to go out on the pull with his mates. He and Violet get chatting and he ends up staying with her until closing. He goes to kiss her goodbye and suddenly it gets very passionate!”

Has she always loved him?

“Yes, she has. I think he feels the same and accepts he was in a bad state of mind when all the Frankie stuff happened. I think he has since regretted that he ever let Violet go.”

So where does that leave Violet and Sean and their baby?

“Not looking good the way Sean’s behaving. He’s being a total idiot. Violet discovers he’s told everyone the sex of her baby after going behind her back to his boyfriend Marcus who did the scan. Violet didn’t want to know the baby’s sex and she’s livid.”

What does she do?

“She tells Sean that it’s her baby and not his!”

That wasn’t the original deal between them though was it?

“They didn’t really make a deal. Basically Violet wanted a sperm donor and Sean said it would be better if she had a baby with somebody she knew. To her mind the idea was never that they’d be a family unit.”

That doesn’t seem to have been Sean’s understanding…

“Sean wants to be involved, but Violet thinks that if he’s going to be like this during the pregnancy he’ll be a nightmare once the child is born. But Sean is adamant – he wants to be a father.”

Does she really mean it when she tells him it’s ‘her’ baby?

“It’s said in the heat of the moment and she does calm down a bit afterwards. But the truth is she doesn’t want him to be a hands-on dad.”

How will he feel when he finds out Jamie and Violet are back together?

“Not happy. He’ll see Jamie as a threat, somebody who will be stepping into his role as a father.”

Will Violet want Jamie to be involved with the baby?

“I’m sure she will. She’s glad to have somebody on her side.”

Can she still be friends with Sean?

“She always forgives Sean, but whether or not they can stay friends depends on how Sean behaves. If he were cool about things there wouldn’t be a problem!”