Violet wonders if Sean’s really father material

Violet is waiting anxiously for the results of her pregnancy test, but Sean’s starting to drive her nuts. Coronation Street star Jenny Platt explains

Sean is a key part of the babymaking plan, but is his behaviour starting to worry Violet?

“Sean is being a bit extreme. Violet’s told him it’s too early to take a pregnancy test but every day he hassles her to do one. He won’t leave her alone for a minute. He’s telling her what to eat and cooking meals as if he is trying to fatten her up. It’s not what she needs right now – what she wants is time alone to think about how she’s going to deal with it if she is pregnant.”

Does that mean she’s having doubts about him as the father of her child? If he’s like this now, what sort of a daddy is he going to be?

“To be honest there are moments when he really camps it up that leave Violet wondering if he is going to be a rubbish dad.”

What will she do if it all gets too much: do a runner and bring their baby up on her own?

“I don’t think she’d do that. She doesn’t regret what they’ve done and she’s hoping Sean will calm down. How much time he spends with any future baby will depend on how close or far apart Violet and Sean grow. It could go either way.”

Why do you think she wants to keep the test a secret?

“She knows that if she tells Sean she’s doing the test he’ll make a big deal of it. He’ll be downstairs demanding to know what the result is. It’s an important moment for her and she wants to do it alone. If she is pregnant she won’t want to announce it yet. Because she had an ectopic pregnancy before she’ll have to have an early scan to make sure that everything is OK. She’d want to do that before telling anybody.”

If she is pregnant, how will she stand nine months of Sean’s fussing over her?

“She won’t be able to! She’ll have to sit him down and spell it out. The funniest thing is the thought of him being present when she’s giving birth. That really would be hilarious. Poor Violet, it doesn’t bear thinking about!”

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