Wendi Peters: ‘I will miss Cilla terribly’

Wendi Peters has gained an army of fans playing brash Cilla Battersby-Brown, but after four years in Coronation Street, she’s calling it a day.

After Frank’s sudden death, Cilla learns he’s left her a few hundred pounds in his will. The conniving madam is disappointed at first, and ends up pawning the necklace he gave her.

Wendi says: “She goes down to the jeweller’s expecting about 50 quid, so when the jeweller comes back and says he will offer her 45 for it, she asks him to give her the money in cash.

“The jeweller explains to Cilla they don’t keep that kind of amount to hand in cash, after all, £45,000 is a lot of money!”

The actress reveals Cilla’s plan for the moolah is to spend it quick, but then decides her heart lies across the pond in Las Vegas.

She says: “It’s everything that Cilla is about. It’s loud, it’s gaudy, it’s bold, and it’s twinkly.”

Wendi admitted she will miss playing the character. “I will miss her terribly, even her clothes and make-up. I will miss everyone I work with too. They are a great team up here,” she said.

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