Whether Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow goes to prison or gets off, one thing’s for sure – her life is doomed! Actress Kate Ford tells us why…

Guilty or not guilty, Tracy is certainly going to pay for murdering Charlie. So it’s hardly a surprise that she’s beginning to lose her ice cool front as the trial begins.
“Tracy’s not feeling at all confident. Things are slowly falling apart and she’s starting to believe she could be about to go down for murder.”

And it doesn’t help that mum Deirdre has begun to suspect Tracy of lying, does it?
“Deirdre knows something is up because Tracy’s story is full of holes. In the end she tells Tracy she will lie for her in court if she knows the real truth and Tracy realises she has no choice but to tell her mum what really happened.”

We know that Deirdre is horrified by Tracy’s revelation – but how does Ken react?
“He turns round to Tracy and says ‘You are Ray Langton’s daughter.’ He’s had it with her.”

Does Deirdre disown her too?
“Deirdre is appalled. Tracy has been a nightmare and brought her all kinds of trouble but nothing she’s ever done before has been this bad. She still wants to help Tracy but doesn’t know if she can lie in court for her.”

Which, of course, could make all the difference between Tracy getting off or getting sent down…
“Tracy is confident about David and Claire taking the stand but she’s worried about Deirdre. If she doesn’t support her, Tracy doesn’t think she can win.”

So, does Deirdre agree to take the stand?
“She tries to persuade Tracy to tell the truth and Tracy has to use every manipulation trick in the book until Deirdre eventually relents and says she’ll do it… she’ll lie for her.”

And are her lies enough to save her daughter?
“As Tracy learns her fate, shockwaves spread through the court but even I don’t know if they’re going with the guilty or not guilty ending.”

Which ending would Kate like to see?
“I’m torn. Tracy is blatantly guilty and should pay for what she’s done but I am loyal to her as well and part of me would like to see her have the chance to turn her life around…”