Soaplife speaks to Coronation Street‘s Alison King as Carla becomes one of Tony Gordon’s hostages…

When does Carla know Tony’s broken out of prison?
“The police call to warn her and she’s terrified he’ll come after her.”

If she’s on her guard how does Carla fall into Tony’s trap?
“His henchman Robbie pretends to be a client and she takes him to the factory to talk business. Next thing he pulls a gun on her and ties her up. Then he brings Hayley to the factory and ties her up too.”

Does she think Tony intends to kill her?
“Absolutely. She’s terrified as she knows he’s capable of anything.”

What’s Tony’s behaviour like when he turns up?
“He’s very calm and collected, almost swaggering. He’s got that sarky smile on his face. He thanks Carla and Hayley for coming and says they’re going on a journey with him. It’s obvious to Carla he’s come back for only one reason – to kill them.”

Carla tries to turn Robbie against Tony… What happens?
“She goads him that Tony will double-cross him over the money and a row breaks out and both men suddenly go for the gun… It ends with a shot being fired.”

Is someone dead?
“Yes, but not Tony. He warns the others he’s proved he can kill…”

That’s the moment Maria arrives. What’s she doing there?
“She comes to the factory to tie up a few loose ends with Ladrags. This wasn’t part of Tony’s plan and it throws him. Maria’s horrified to see the dead body and tries to convince him to let her go…”

How does the fire start?
“It’s all part of Tony’s plan. He splashes petrol everywhere then sparks his lighter.”

Would Carla kill Tony if she had a chance?
“Tony killed the man she loved… she’d kill him to save herself… and she does get the gun…”