Will Ashley get away with his raunchy affair?

Coronation Street’s Ashley is about to do the unthinkable – he’s set to cheat on Claire by getting it on with Casey! We asked actor Steven Arnold to tell us what’s going on.

Why is Ashley about to do the dirty on Claire?

“Ashley genuinely loves Claire, but since the fire their relationship has been very up and down. It’s as if she has no time for him anymore. She’s spent more time with her mum than she has with him, and is wrapped up in her own problems. He’s actually very upset about the state of his marriage.”

How does he end up getting it on with Casey?

“Claire’s out at a meeting and Casey goes in for the kill. She kisses him and one thing leads to another. They end up on the floor of the conservatory and…let’s just say Ashley’s down to his boxer shorts.”

Copulating in the conservatory – surely they get caught?

“Claire almost catches Ashley and Casey at it, but he hears her coming in and manages to pull himself together in time. He’s very flustered but Claire doesn’t seem to notice. She’d never suspect anything could be going on between Ashley and Casey – why would she? She’d never dream that Ashley would cheat on her.”

Will Ashley be looking for a repeat performance?

“He’s not seriously attracted to Casey – she just happens to be there. He gets carried away, and the physical thing takes over. He thinks he’s made a terrible mistake. He can’t believe what he’s done.”

So how does Ashley shake off cunning Claire?

“Ashley tells her they should never have done what they did, that he loves Claire and that it’s never to be repeated.”

Claire then tells Ashley that he’s used her – how does he respond?

“Ashley’s in a right state. He’s worried sick Casey will tell Claire. The fact that she’s hurt – or makes out she is – means she’s more likely to tell. Ashley has no idea how dangerous Casey is. He’s played right into her hands by having sex with her.”

Can’t he see that Casey is manipulating both of them?

“He hasn’t a clue that Casey’s deliberately trying to destroy him and Claire. Ashley’s the kind of bloke who always looks for the good in people. It would never cross his mind that someone could be so warped. Now she has him where she wants him. It’s not over yet.”

Over? It looks like the trouble is only just beginning!

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