Will Becky choose Jason or Steve?

Becky has mixed emotions when she has to pick between her love rivals, reveals Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly.

She loves him… She loves him not… With Steve having finally finished with Michelle, and Jason promising to divorce wife Sarah – and both of them professing their undying love – Becky is facing a tough choice…

“When Jason tells her he’s divorcing Sarah she’s like ‘I’ve got everything I ever wanted.'”

But the problem is she doesn’t want it any more, does she?

“Jason’s absolutely gorgeous but her heart is with Steve.”

Only Becky’s not sure she can trust him with it after he lied to her that he’d finished with Michelle… then she discovered he’d really spent the night with her!

“That made Becky sick to her stomach. Men are her downfall and she believed she’d got it wrong again and Steve was bad for her.”

And Jason, who’d also been bad to her, suddenly came good at just the right moment. But still Becky just can’t get Steve out of her hair, can she?

“She’s really trying with Jason. He’s her ideal man – a fit and sexy builder. She never thought she’d fall for somebody like Steve who has a beer belly, 70 million marriages behind him and a child.

“But it’s definitely love with Steve and it’s taken her by surprise. She’s known him for a while and never thought much of him. Because he was with Michelle and owns half the street, Becky thought he was way out of her league. Her self-esteem is very low and she thought he’d never look twice at her.”

Now he’s done a lot more than just look and he’s a free man as she insisted. So why isn’t she falling back into his arms?

“She’s made up her mind that Steve’s no good for her. She’s telling herself he was too late. She’ll stay with Jason for a bit but she’ll be pining for Steve.”

Who do you think Becky should choose?

“For me, it’s hard to choose because I love working with both Ryan and Simon but for Becky I think Steve is the one. Jason’s kind of like Becky’s teenage relationship. He was the first person she fell in love with because she’s been with so many other dodgy blokes.

“Steve’s a bit older, he can look after her and the relationship will be a bit more mature than the one she has with Jason. It will be good for Steve too. In his previous relationships the women have been in charge. But with Becky it’s level pegging.”

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