Will Becky say ‘I do’?

Will Friday the 13th be unlucky for Becky and Steve’s wedding? Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly hints that Becky’s big day is a big disaster!

How is Becky feeling ahead of the wedding?

“It’s all happened so fast… Becky’s about to get the wedding of her dreams and she’s so excited. She has no doubts about marrying Steve. She really can’t believe a catch like him is interested in her. But she’s desperate for Steve’s mum’s approval as well as his love. Becky actually thinks Liz is amazing. She wears these awesome outfits – and of course she’s going to be her mother-in-law…”

But Liz doesn’t approve does she?

“Becky’s really upset when she finds out Liz and Lloyd have joined the pub punters in laying bets on whether the wedding will take place. Lloyd admits it to Steve at his stag do and Steve’s reaction is fantastic. He drags Becky into the pub and basically does this pre-wedding speech about his love for her.”

What does he tell everyone at the Rovers?

“He says, ‘All the things that you think are so wrong in Becky are so right for me.’ It’s so heartfelt… everyone goes silent. Becky can’t believe that a man of Steve’s calibre is talking about her like this.”

What happens next?

“Then when he’s said his bit he bans everyone from the wedding – even his mum and best man Lloyd! Steve and Becky leave hand-in-hand and Becky’s so proud of him.”

Is Becky going to have a hen night?

“Becky doesn’t have a hen night as she thinks it’s safer not to. She knows she can’t handle booze and thinks a hen night could turn into Armageddon. But on the morning of her wedding day Armageddon happens anyway… when she gets drunk by accident.”

How drunk does Becky get?

“She doesn’t mean to drink, but her nerves are getting the better of her, what with the gossip and the fact it’s Friday the 13th. Natasha gives her some whisky while she’s having her hair done, then Steve sends over a bottle of champagne… Blanche gives her a three-litre bottle of cider… and Claire and Eileen both give her some more bubbly! And, well, one drink leads to another.”

What happens?

“She rips her wedding dress and things go from bad to worse. Hayley takes Becky to Underworld to fix it and while they’re there she hears about the time Karen and Tracy fought over Steve on the factory roof. Next thing you know Becky’s on the roof, swigging the champagne and declaring her love for Steve.”

And in the meantime what’s Steve doing?

“All the time this is going on Steve’s waiting and waiting at the register office and begging the registrar for more time.”

Will she make it to the wedding?

“Becky turns up in the nick of time, just as the registrar’s about to leave. Roy gives her his arm and she stumbles forward to make her vows to the man she loves.”

So what could go wrong?

“You’d think nothing could go wrong now… but you could be wrong!”

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