Will Carla say ‘yes’ to Tony?

When Tony springs a surprise proposal Carla leaps into his trap, reveals Coronation Street’s Queen B Alison King!

Has Carla given up on Liam now he’s married?

“She’s trying to close the door on him but it’s a struggle. She can see he’s happy with Maria and is trying to tell herself that the chapter his closed.”

How does she feel when she discovers Liam’s thinking of selling his share in the factory to Tony?

“She’s outraged, but not at Liam, at Tony. He’s gone behind her back and she doesn’t like it. She knows Tony has been playing this pleasure and business game with her, but this oversteps the mark.”

Would she like to work alongside Tony?

“No. She wants to carry on working with Liam. She knows him, they’ve got a history and she likes the way things are.”

Why is Liam considering selling up?

“Because he’s worried Maria will find it hard if Liam and Carla are working side by side.”

And does he sell to Tony?

“When Tony tells Liam he wants to buy his share Liam says he wasn’t being serious. But Tony is… He’s even had the documents drawn up.”

Could it be Tony’s jealous of Liam?

“Without doubt, especially when Carla warns him not to come between her and Liam. He asks questions and when Carla admits she kissed Liam, he’s furious. He plays it cool in front of her, but when he leaves he erupts and throws an empty bin through a car windscreen.”

Then he invites Liam and Maria and Michelle and Steve to dinner. What’s going on?

“He shocks Carla and everyone by proposing with a huge diamond ring!”

What does Carla do?

“She accepts but only because she feels cornered.”

And how does Liam react?

“As everyone toasts the happy couple he and Carla exchange a look…”

Will Carla actually marry Tony?

“Well, she knows he’s not the one, but she likes the fact that he’s got money. She might think to herself ‘why not?'”

What if something happened and Liam and Maria split up and he wanted to be with Carla?

“She’d be there like a shot!”