Will Corrie newcomer Jeremy steal Becky away?

Coronation Street‘s Jeremy Sheffield talks to Soaplife about how Danny could be the man to make all Becky’s dreams come true!

It’s not often that a gorgeous, single man with no nasty secrets turns up in the Street, so you can’t blame Becky for grinning like the cat that got the cream when newcomer Danny asks her out on a date. “Danny feels very strongly about Becky. He hasn’t felt this way about another woman since his wife died,” former Holby City star Jeremy tells Soaplife. And Danny also holds the key to clearing Becky’s name of those murder accusations when he remembers where he last saw Tracy…

Tell us a bit about Danny…

“He’s the manager of a large Manchester hotel, which is where he first met Becky doing a Streetcars deal. His wife died in an accident four years ago and he has a young son, Billy. He’s a straightforward, stable, good guy.”

Nothing like Becky! What attracts him to her?

“She’s quirky, eccentric and funny and he delights in that. She’s a strong woman and certainly not a pushover. He was bowled over the minute they met.”

And he asks her out…

“Yes. Becky’s flattered and excited. But then she calls and tells him she’s had a really bad day and isn’t in the mood for going out. Danny’s disappointed, but understanding. He’s a patient man.”

But Becky changes her mind and turns up at his house…

“She arrives and sees him with his sister and his son, Billy, gets the wrong idea and is about to leave. He hasn’t told Becky he has a son so he’s embarrassed, but he brings her in and introduces her. She has an instant connection with Billy and Danny’s delighted. It adds to his attraction to her and she stays the night.”

Then Danny gets a transfer to Barbados!

“It’s a fantastic opportunity, but bad timing. He’s devastated because he saw Becky as a chance of happiness of the sort that doesn’t come along very often. But he decides to go.”

Then he remembers something important about the night he first met Becky at the hotel…

“Danny spots Tracy and he remembers how she collapsed and was carted off in an ambulance. Becky wonders if this might help her to prove she wasn’t responsible for Tracy’s miscarriage…”

We know Becky is leaving… Is it with Danny?

“He’s thinking about asking her to go with him. It’s quick, but if you have that chemistry and it’s such a special thing you don’t want to just let it go because it’s not a regular relationship, it’s something much more. For Danny it could be a risk worth taking…”