Will evil David crash Sarah’s wedding?

All brides get nervous on their big day. But Coronation Street’s Sarah Louise Platt has psycho brother David to deal with and, as actress Tina O’Brien explains, his plans to ruin her wedding are getting more reckless…

Has Sarah been optimistic that her marriage to Jason will go without a hitch?

“After being jilted at the altar last time you’d think Sarah would have been a bit worried about this second wedding with Jason, but she wasn’t at all.”

Until now..?

“Everything changed after David nearly killed Bethany and was banned from the wedding. He’s been swearing there won’t be a wedding and going out of his way to ruin it. But Sarah’s adamant she won’t let him stop it.”

Sarah hasn’t been very successful so far. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong because of David!

“It’s all a nightmare and Sarah realises he’ll do absolutely anything to sabotage the wedding.”

Including even possibly commit suicide on her wedding day?

“Sarah finds the suicide note David has written a couple of days before the wedding. At first she’s really concerned and worried about him. She can’t believe he’s so depressed. But when she reads the note again she starts to think it could be just another evil trick and decides it’s not genuine.”

Maria’s not so sure though, is she?

“Maria’s with Sarah when she finds the note and she tries to tell her there could be some truth in it, but Sarah’s convinced it’s a wind-up. So she tears up the note and chucks away the pieces.”

Isn’t Sarah taking a huge gamble in dismissing the note? What if he really does take his own life?

“But she doesn’t believe he will. Sarah’s so focused on the wedding and so adamant that David won’t spoil it, she’s convinced he won’t go through with it.”

Why does Sarah give David the time of day where others have already washed their hands of him?

“I think she knows David better than most people, including their mum Gail. Sarah knows what a twisted little mind he has and just how far he’ll go to try to steal the limelight.”

And what does Sarah think when David disappears after leaving the note?

“Sarah’s worried… but for her own sake rather than his. She wants people to concentrate on Jason and herself and their wedding – and not worry about David. The problem is Sarah doesn’t consider that at the very least the suicide note is a cry for help. Whether he means to kill himself or not she should have taken the note more seriously.”

Apparently David drives his car into the canal and the police arrive as Sarah and Jason take their vows. Does that mean he does go through with it? And does it mean Sarah and Jason don’t get married yet again?

All will soon be revealed…