Will Ken cheat on Deirdre AGAIN?

Ken’s new woman is good news for him and bad news for Deirdre warns Coronation Street star Bill Roache!

Martha’s played by former Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham and she’s very attractive. Does Ken fancy her?

“He’s not thinking like that. He’s just happy he’s found a like-minded person he finds it easy to talk to. Martha also has an air of calm about her that’s in direct contrast to the mayhem at home.”

Does he feel he’s doing anything wrong?

“Not at all. They’re just talking. He enjoys telling his problems to a non-judgmental stranger. He tells her about Peter and the time he spends looking after his grandchildren.”

But he doesn’t mention Deirdre, does he?

“Er… no. Martha asks him about Peter’s mum and Ken tells her that she’s dead, which is the truth, so Martha automatically assumes he’s a widower and he doesn’t put her right.”

Does he mention Martha to Deirdre?

“Er… No again. And I think she’ll be very angry when she finds out.”

How does he get to see Martha again?

“He takes Eccles for another walk and seeks Martha out. He’s delighted to hear she’s an actress and he helps her go through some lines.”

The hot word is Ken and Martha will have an affair. Would Ken cheat again?

“Ken’s not thinking about having an affair but he’s captivated by Martha and he has feelings for her that go beyond friendship.”

Would Ken and Deirdre’s marriage survive yet another affair?

“I don’t know. It will certainly be another great dilemma for them both.”

Why do you think Ken finds it hard to be faithful?

“He gets dissatisfied with his life and he starts to think the grass is greener…”

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