Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan says Rosie’s devastated by her mum’s illness but will it change her?

Why does Rosie want to become a glamour model?
“She wants to make money and has decided glamour modelling is the best way to do it. She has this idea in her head that it’s going to be really glamorous. That she’ll be rubbing shoulders with footballers and celebrities and even be famous herself.”

And we find out she’s planning to boost her assets with a boob job…
“She’s a 32E and she wants to be a 32FF but she hasn’t told anyone. Her parents don’t even know about the modelling yet.”

They do when they see a picture of her on a billboard. How do they react?
“They’re furious. Rosie’s upset too… The shot is of her in her knickers with a bloke’s hairy hands over her boobs. It’s an advert for cleaning products and she thought it was going to be high-end and classy. When she reveals she’s planning a boob job a huge row erupts and Sally flips and slaps her. All her emotions over her breast cancer come spilling out but Rosie has no idea why she’s so upset.”

How does Rosie react when a few days later Sally tells her she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer?
“She’s devastated. She loves her mum and can’t face the possibility she could die.
Her way of coping is to go into denial. She thinks to herself that it’s only a tiny lump and once it’s been taken out everything will be okay. She can’t think past that.”

How does Sally’s lumpectomy op go?
“She comes through surgery okay but now they have to wait for the results.”

Will Sally’s illness finally make Rosie stop thinking only of herself?
“Her parents think it has but secretly she still plans to go ahead with the boob job. She understands why Sally is upset about it, though, and the crisis does bring her closer to Sophie. In fact the whole family ends up getting closer.”

What do you think of Rosie?
“I love playing her. With Rosie you never know what’s coming next…”

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