At last! Coronation Street’s Steve and Michelle share a full-on kiss… Next stop the bedroom, promises actor Simon Gregson!

When Steve and Michelle kiss again, it looks like the love affair we all wanted to happen is finally on. Then they head upstairs…
“It’s all going brilliantly. Michelle jumps on Steve in the hallway at the Rovers and he’s well up for it. They head upstairs and it looks like it’s finally going to happen…”

Yes, yes… so what goes wrong?
“Michelle stops and says she can’t stay over because Ryan is home alone. So she leaves insisting that they will make it another night. Steve’s gutted – he’s been waiting a long time for this moment. But he’s absolutely determined to see it through. They are going to get there.”

Not if they keep getting interrupted though.
“They are all over each other and then Liz and Violet catch them kissing! But Steve’s been too much of a mummy’s boy in the past and he’s not going to let his mum ruin this.”

Steve’s prepared to overcome any obstacles to be with the woman of his dreams, isn’t he?
“Whatever comes their way Steve is determined to overcome it. He likes this girl and doesn’t want to mess up again. He’s had the psycho wife who beat him up and the lunatic murderer. Now he needs a nice, grown-up woman like Michelle who he really gets on with.”

Sounds like Mr McDonald is growing up himself?
“Steve’s matured. He’s a good dad to Amy and wants to settle down. Michelle wants that too and I think they’ve got the potential to be good together.”

But won’t that be boring? What if Steve’s the next Ken Barlow?
“It doesn’t have to be boring! Michelle is feisty and capable of giving as good as she gets and I am sure there will be lots of rows over daft things. And as for Ken, I’d love to turn out like him… He’s had more affairs than Steve’s had hot dinners!”

What about Michelle’s family? Will Steve mind Paul and Liam keeping their watchful eye on him?
“They’re a bit dodgy – exactly the sort of family Steve can get alone with.”

Does this mean we can look forward to a happy ending?
“Anything can happen in Weatherfield. Steve might suddenly grow breasts and announce he’s a woman. Nothing surprises me any more!”