Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow is about to discover that Tracy isn’t telling the truth – but will she lie in court to spare her daughter from going to jail? Anne Kirkbride reveals all…

Has Deirdre ever doubted Tracy’s story about killing Charlie in self-defence?
“She had no reason to until now. She knows Tracy’s no angel but she would never imagine she’s capable of murder! Deirdre hated Charlie, she knew what he was capable of, so Tracy’s story has always been completely plausible.”

What does she think when she sees Tracy and David Platt together on Jason Grimshaw’s CCTV tape?
“The first seed of doubt is sown… David is a key witness in Tracy’s trial so Deirdre can’t understand.”

Does she confront Tracy?
“Yes! And Tracy tries to bluff her way out of it but Deirdre won’t let it drop. Tracy’s forced to say she’s been helping David as he’s having nightmares and suffering from post-traumatic stress.”

And Deirdre believes her?
“She’s not convinced but Tracy’s quite forceful and tells her to destroy the tape – which she does.”

Is Deirdre now suspicious Tracy’s lying about Charlie’s death?
“That hasn’t even crossed her mind although she’s starting to realise there are holes in Tracy’s story.”

So what Deirdre does she do?
“A bit of investigating. But when Gail tells her David’s coping fine and Steve reveals that Charlie told him he was about to boot Tracy out, these are just more examples of Tracy’s story being flawed. It’s worrying Deirdre more and more.”

How does Tracy explain Steve’s claim?
“She says Charlie was a control freak and that he was lying but Deirdre’s not convinced. She tries to push Tracy but Tracy accuses her of not supporting her.”

Does Deirdre give up?
“No. She tells Tracy she just wants to understand but Tracy’s quite venomous. When Tracy tells her to leave it Deirdre’s taken aback by the force of her attack.”

Claire Peacock has always backed Tracy. Does Deirdre talk to her?
“Yes! And Claire’s forced to admit she never actually saw Charlie abusing Tracy. Deirdre’s doubts continue to grow.”

If Deirdre finds out Tracy is lying, will she go to the police?
“Reporting her daughter would be a massive thing for any mother and Deirdre would need to be very sure of her facts first. Even then, I don’t know if she could do it, knowing she’d be condemning Tracy to a life in prison and Amy to losing her mum.”

Deirdre’s set to stand up in court for Tracy. Would she lie to protect her?
“Tracy’s her daughter, her own flesh and blood and she’s prepared to do whatever she can to keep Tracy out of prison. But lying to protect her would be a huge step…”