Will the Street’s Sean find love?

Michelle’s fella Sonny will soon start flirting with Sean. And poor Sean doesn’t know what to do, confesses Antony Cotton

Does Sean still have feelings for Sonny?

“He didn’t think he had but as time’s gone on Sean’s realised he does still have feelings for him. He’s trying to put them on the back burner for Michelle’s sake, but they’re getting stronger. He doesn’t want to hurt Michelle but she’s getting in the way because there is unfinished business between Sean and Sonny.”

How were things left when they broke up?

“Sonny ended the relationship because he got cold feet. He didn’t want commitment but told Sean he’d be the person he’d choose if he did want to be in a long-term relationship.”

Do you think Sonny still fancies Sean?

“Definitely. He starts flirting with him in the Rovers. Sean feels uncomfortable because they are in public and because Sonny’s with Michelle, but deep down he enjoys it.”

Does Sean believe Sonny is bisexual?

“He tells Sonny there’s no such thing, that it’s just being greedy! But Sean’s just smarting because Sonny fancies Michelle.”

Do you think Sonny and Sean might get involved again?

“It’s possible they both want that. If Sean had only known Sonny as Michelle’s other half he wouldn’t go there, but because they’d met before she knew him, the rules are different.”

Why hasn’t Sean told Michelle the truth?

“Although he’s had plenty of opportunities he can’t bring himself to tell her because he knows she’ll be devastated. He thinks Sonny should be the person to tell her as he’s the one who is keeping secrets.”

What does Sean see in Sonny?

“Well, it wasn’t the money that drew him to Sonny as he wasn’t a millionaire when they first met. Sonny’s very good looking and there’s a strong chemistry there.”

If Sonny and Sean got involved would Sean tell Michelle about it?

“No. He’d urge Sonny to do that. Sean would lie to Michelle to protect her feelings.”

Are you enjoying this storyline?

“Yes, it’s great. This sort of thing isn’t really done between a gay and a straight character and I’m really enjoying it. It certainly lends itself to drama.”

How do you feel about being the Soapstar Superstar winner?

“I am glad I won but so relieved it’s all over. It was terrifying!”