Will Tom reveal his feelings for Maria?

Coronation Street actor Philip McGinley reveals Tom’s love for Maria… and his fear of Tony!

What are Tom’s feelings for Maria?

“He’s in love with her, totally besotted… But he feels it’s wrong because Liam was his cousin and Maria’s pregnant with Liam’s baby.”

How long has he had these feelings?

“They go right back to the minute he arrived in Weatherfield. My first scene as Tom was flirting with Maria, but obviously she was out of bounds being with Liam.”

Does he want to be the one she turns to?

“He’s tried to be a pillar of support ever since she was widowed. He wants to be the person she talks to about the baby and the business.”

So he’s not happy about Tony’s involvement in Ladrags?

“Absolutely not. He thinks he’s perfectly able to help Maria without Tony sticking his oar in. And he’s questioning Tony’s motives.”

Does he feel Tony’s getting too close to Maria?

“Yes. But not because he thinks he’s dangerous, only because it takes her away from him.”

He’s never suspected Tony was involved with Liam’s death then?

“It’s never even crossed his mind. From the way Tony was on the stag night he has no reason to suspect anything.”

Does he think there’s any hope of Maria reciprocating his feelings?

“He sees any little thing as encouragement – a quick drink in the pub, a shopping trip… he’s clinging on to anything. He hangs around the salon like a lovesick puppy. It’s not very cool, is it?”

Is he worried she is falling for Tony?

“Not at the moment… but he will be.”

Is Tom a match for Tony?

“No way. He’s tried various ways of getting rid of him, like going to Luke and talking to Maria, but Tony’s always one step ahead of him.”

Would he fear Tony if he knew he killed Liam?

“Absolutely. He’d be terrified!”

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