Will Tyrone propose to Molly?

Coronation Street’s Tyrone wants to marry Molly but actor Alan Halsall reveals he can barely make it past the proposal!

Why does Tyrone want to propose to Molly now?

“Jack reckons Molly’s been hinting at a proposal and Tyrone thinks ‘Why not?’ They’ve bought a house together so the relationship’s clearly a long-term serious one.”

Does he have a ring?

“Jack gives Tyrone Vera’s engagement ring. He tells Tyrone that Vera would have a tear in her eye if she could see him propose, and he accepts the ring.”

Where does he propose?

“He wants it to be a dream evening for Molly and ends up booking a really expensive restaurant which on its own is a mistake. Tyrone’s so nervous he can’t really chat to Molly. His comfort zone is the Rovers and the garage. Outside of them he’s a bit useless…”

Does he even manage to propose?

“He’s had a chat with the waiter who’s primed to come over with the fizz when Tyrone gives him the nod. But just as Tyrone’s about to, another diner proposes with silver bits falling from the ceiling, balloons, a three-piece band and champagne for everyone in the restaurant.”

Surely Molly won’t mind…

“Tyrone doesn’t give her the chance. He thinks his own attempts will look pathetic and rushes her out of the place before they’ve even finished their pudding. He comes up with another plan… which is going to fall just as flat!”

Does he ever get there?

“Eventually, but there are a lot of comical moments along the way.”

Everyone’s tipping Tyrone and Molly to be the new Jack and Vera… Are you up for it?

“No, because Jack and Vera’s shoes are too big to fill. We’ll never be half as big as them. They were two in a million.”