‘With Nick and Leanne, there’s always a chance!’

Coronation Street’s Ben Price tells Soaplife Nick is desperate to be a dad… only maybe not with Natasha as the mum!

Natasha is doing all the running in her relationship with Nick… Is he really committed?

“Nick really doesn’t want to marry Natasha while she’s thinking long-term. But you know, he’s still living with his mum and he knows he’s got to get out at some point.”

So he’s not at all in love with her then?

“He recently told Leanne he loved her, but she wants to be with Peter so he’s thinking Natasha’s a nice girl, perhaps he should give it a go with somebody like her.”

Will he move in with her as she plans?

“She wants to move into Dev’s flat, but Nick hints he’s finding it all a bit fast. Natasha wells up and demands to know if their relationship is going anywhere. Nick panics – and dumps her.”

We think he’s going to panic a lot more after Natasha discovers she’s pregnant. Does he even suspect she might be?

“No. She tells Leanne of all people. Natasha is upset Nick won’t move the relationship on and Leanne tries to comfort her. Then Natasha tells her about the baby…”

Which of them tells Nick?

“Both of them in a way. Nick’s with Leanne after she’s had a row with Peter and there’s this moment where he strokes her hair. Then Natasha storms in and a big argument erupts. Leanne then forces Natasha to tell Nick she’s pregnant.”

How does Nick react?

“Initially not too good. He’s angry they both knew and neither of them told him.”

Does he tell her to have an abortion?

“He’d never do that after what happened before with Leanne’s abortion.”

There have been sneak pictures of the filming of Natasha leaving an abortion clinic. How would he feel if she gets rid of the baby before he tells her he wants it?

“That would hurt. Nick does want to be a dad. He’s over the moon when it sinks in.”

Does this mean Nick and Leanne won’t be getting back together?

“With those two there’s always a chance…”