Corrie overdose shock! Bethany Platt’s crush turns to crisis!

Bethany’s obsessed with Gary Windass and her Christmas is one humiliation after another… until she can’t take any more, Lucy Fallon talks to What's On TV…

What does Bethany see in Gary?
“Gary’s the first person in the Street to show a real interest in Bethany. He’s just being nice, but Bethany thinks there’s more to it.”
Even though he’s dating her mum?
“Bethany still believes Gary has feelings for her because he seems to want to help her all the time and he’s very protective. She’s building it up to be something it quite clearly isn’t.”
When does Bethany make her move?
“She’s invited to a gig with Gary, Sarah and Faye but Sarah ends up not being able to go. They’re staying in a hotel and she gives herself a bit of confidence by drinking vodka then lets herself into Gary’s room and makes out she’s struggling to do up her zip. Gary’s oblivious to her ulterior motive.”
Then she goes into seduction mode?
“Bethany’s laying in a sultry pose on Gary’s bed when Faye walks in. Faye kind of guesses what Bethany’s playing at, so Bethany tries to buy her silence by plying her with vodka! Faye doesn’t say anything outright, but later that evening, while she, Bethany and Gary are having dinner, Faye winds Bethany up by announcing Beth has a crush on a much older man!”
Oh dear! Does Gary guess the truth?
“Gary questions Bethany about who this man is and she’s really embarrassed. Once they’re all back on the Street, things go from bad to worse.”
How do matters deteriorate?
“Bethany goes AWOL for a while so Sarah’s worried, and Gary thinks Luke Britton’s the older man as he’s seen Bethany talking to him. When Bethany gets home, Sarah demands to know who this older man is and Bethany wants the floor to open and swallow her up. But on Christmas Day, Sarah finds out it’s Gary.”
What? That sounds explosive!
“Sarah sees a text on Bethany’s phone from Faye, saying she’s happy Bethany is now over Gary. Sarah starts questioning Bethany, who feels horrific and completely broken. She overdoses on some of her diet pills.”
It’s not a Happy Christmas then?
“Hardly! Bethany collapses in the ginnel. She really is at rock bottom…”

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