Corrie’s Maria Connor fears Xmas in jail says Samia Longchambon!

Maria Connor is up in court for her marriage of convenience to Pablo and looking at a 12-month sentence if she’s sent down, actress Samia Longchambon tells Soaplife…

Does Maria seriously fear she’ll go to jail over her sham marriage?
“She’s worried sick about it and the prospect of having to leave little Liam. But her feelings for Aidan Connor are also causing her intense emotional turmoil.”
Does Maria love Aidan?
“Yes. It’s more than lust. He’s been like her knight in shining armour and he really has her back. There’s the family connection, too. Maria’s been making out with Adam Barlow, but that’s just a distraction. She’s used Adam to make Aidan jealous – and it’s worked.”
How does she feel when she finds out Aidan’s punched Adam for making disparaging remarks about her?
“Maria’s really touched. Aidan comes back to the flat with her and, well… their feelings ‘take over’. He does love Maria and that’s lovely. But, of course, there’s Eva in the mix.”
Does Maria feel guilty about Eva?
“Oh yes. Maria feels guilty and she says to Aidan a few times: ‘Eva’s been incredible to me and this is how I’m repaying her!’ She’s aware she shouldn’t be having these feelings, but she can’t help it… and neither can Aidan.”
Do you think Aidan and Maria make a good couple?
“Yeah, I think so, because they’ve got that family connection. It seems like a very easy relationship, but I think I’d probably stick with Eva if I were him! She’s far less trouble.”
It’s been a rotten year for Maria, hasn’t it?
“To be fair she’s had a lot of rotten years, but 2016 might take the biscuit.”
If she goes to jail, who’ll look after Liam?
“Kirk. He may not be a lot of things, but he’s a very good uncle. Liam’s aunty Michelle will be helping out, too. But Maria’s desperately hoping it won’t come to that. She can’t bear the thought of having to leave her little boy.”


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