Craig Tinker's world is blown apart when he visits his dad, Darryl, in prison in Coronation Street

Having set his sights on joining the police force, Craig Tinker got a terrible shock when he was turned down because he didn’t declare his dad Darryl’s criminal conviction on the application form in Corrie.

Poor Craig didn’t even realise he had a dad in prison thanks to his mum, Beth, lying to him all his life. The discovery and his mum’s betrayal led to Kirk walking out. Tim and Sally Metcalfe took pity on him and he’s sleeping on their sofa until he can sort things out.

Now, even though his dad’s a criminal, Craig wants to get to know him. He decided to write him a letter but, after showing it to Faye Windass, he changed his mind about sending it. Faye, however, found out the name of the prison where Darryl’s being held and secretly wrote a letter to him on Craig’s behalf.

This week, Craig’s shocked to get a reply. But instead of leading to a happy family reunion, it blows Craig’s world even further apart.