David takes revenge on bully Lauren

David Platt turns the tables on bully Lauren and gives her the fright of her life...

School bully Lauren has been making Bethany Platt’s life hell for months now. It started with cruel taunts and text messages at the school, then nasty Lauren and her mates began following Bethany and making threats.

Bethany eventually confided in her aunt, Kylie Platt, who told her she should stand up for herself. Then mum Sarah found out about the bullying and thought she’d put an end to it. But when Sarah gave birth and was hospitalised with mental health problems and Kylie was murdered, poor Bethany was forced to face her bullying nightmare alone all over again.

Gary Windass has recently offered support to Bethany, but Sarah’s suspicious of him and events this week lead to a one-on-one confrontation between Bethany’s uncle, David, and her bullying tormentor, Lauren. Will it put an end to Bethany’s ordeal? Or will it make things even worse?