Eva demands to know why Aidan lied to her

After Aidan Connor's one-night stand with Maria in Corrie, Eva Price discovers he lied about where he was the night before

Following his tipsy one-night stand with Maria Connor, a remorseful Aidan Connor tells her she’s an amazing girl, but their night together was a mistake. Maria’s guilt-ridden, too, for cheating on boyfriend Luke Britton and she assures Aidan his secret’s safe with her…

Later, Aidan presents his girlfriend, Eva Price, with a necklace and tells her he wants to forget about their recent fall out. When she quizzes him about the previous night, Aidan lies that he spent the evening with a mate and thinks he’s got their relationship back on track.

That evening, they go to the Bistro for a meal, where they’re forced to share a table with Maria and her boyfriend, Luke Britton. When Caz Hammond later appears and reveals she saw Aidan at Maria’s place the night before, alarm bells ring for Eva.

Eva asks Aidan why he lied to her, but quick-thinking Maria comes to his rescue by saying he called round to get her opinion on a flat he was thinking of renting as a surprise for Eva.

Eva wants to believe everything’s all right between her and Aidan, but have the seeds of doubt been sewn, and will she discover the truth? And will the one-night stand end guilt-ridden Maria’s relationship with Luke for good?