Freddie and Rita’s date sparks Audrey into action

Audrey Roberts is jealous when she sees Freddie going out with Rita in Coronation Street

The on-off fledgling romance between Audrey Roberts and Freddie Hill in Corrie takes another twist when Audrey is consumed by jealousy when she sees Freddie going out for the evening with Rita Sullivan.

After Freddie recently walked out on a dinner date with Audrey when a friend of his late wife showed up and made him feel guilty, Audrey reluctantly agreed they should just be friends.

Freddie later realised he wanted more than friendship with Audrey, and both Kevin Webster and Maria Connor encouraged him not to give up on her.

Freddie doesn’t realise how strong Audrey’s feelings are for him, however, and in the latest episodes his innocent evening out with Rita has a disastrous outcome.