Kate and Rana are having a secret liaison when someone targets the till…

And Kate bashes the intruder!

Rana and Kate get more than they bargained for in the Bistro! Once upon a time, the biggest problem to 
beset the Bistro was 
Gail ordering 500 jars 
of olives. Since then, there’s been 
a robbery, a near murder, a 
petrol-bomb attack, a spot of vandalism and a drugs raid.

Next week, robbery number 
two takes place when a dark figure enters the premises after hours, 
and steals money from the till.

It happens not long after Robert has opened up to Michelle about his recent blow-out at the casino, in which he lost a whopping 10 grand. He confides in his partner that he self-destructed because he was scared about having surgery 
for testicular cancer, and says he wouldn’t blame her if she left him.

Michelle does no such thing and insists they’re in this together – well, when you consider what numpty Steve McDonald put 
her through over the years, this crisis must seem like small-fry.

With a steely look on her face, Chelle then deliberately breaks the restaurant’s card machine when no one is looking, and tells the Bistro punters they must pay for their 
food and drink with cash – the prices for which she inflates when keying them into the till. By the end of the day, the till is bursting with notes. Rotten luck, eh?

The place is closed when a thief later creeps in. He or she assumes the place is empty, but they’re wrong, because Kate and Rana are having a rendezvous.

The secret lovers disturb the intruder, and Kate smashes them over the head with a bottle.
The girls make their escape, and Robert later reveals to Michelle that 
the insurance company are going to pay out. Hurrah – a soap business that has actually got insurance! But will it get the couple out 
of their financial hole?