Maria and Aidan’s dangerous liaison is spotted!

With the passion still flowing between Maria and Aidan... will it be an affair to forget when someone spots them in Corrie?

Following her release from prison, Maria’s kept her distance from love rat Aidan, who’s still very much with long-term partner Eva in Corrie.

But the cheating twosome have recently given in to the chemistry between them and are playing a dangerous game. After all, Eva’s a good friend of Maria’s and has been there for her and her son, Liam, when she was behind bars. Greedy Aidan wants to have his cake and eat it, but at what, or whose, cost?

When Maria and Aidan are spotted getting close, will the love cheats’ secret be exposed or will they continue their illicit encounters? Either way, it’s looking very dicey and with guilty Maria turning nasty towards Eva because she can’t look her in the eye, it seems no one’s going to escape this love triangle unscathed…