Pat Phelan goes on the rampage! Who dies in Phelan’s last stand?

Having tracked down Phelan, Gary drags him back to the Street to make him pay. But will cold-blooded killer Phelan turn the tables?

Horrified to find Phelan alive in Wales, Gary decides to exact revenge. After a struggle, Phelan is knocked out so Gary and Joe bring him back to Weatherfield and tie him up in a storeroom. But it’s not long before slippery Phelan wriggles free of his restraints and ties up his attackers instead!

The killer then goes on a terrifying ramage in the Street – and no one is safe. But when a shot is fired, who is hurt? And, when the police start to close in, will Phelan give himself up? Or is he taking everyone down with him?