Tracy collapses with kidney pain, but does anyone care? Corrie’s Kate Ford reveals all

Tracy collapses in the ginnel overcome by kidney pain and Corrie star Kate Ford reveals that no one really cares...

When Tracy’s one remaining kidney begins to dysfunction, she’s rushed into hospital, Kate Ford reveals to Soaplife…

Remind us why Tracy only has one kidney…
“When Tracy was younger she took an ecstasy tablet in a nightclub and had organ failure. Her then-stepfather Samir Rachid’s kidney was transplanted and it’s been functioning fine all this time, but then Tracy gets an infection in her kidney and becomes very poorly.”

When does Tracy first become ill?
“She’s been feeling pain for a while, plus she’s more tired than usual, but she’s been taking her medication and so isn’t overly worried until she suddenly doubles over in agony in the flower shop.”

Is she worried when her doctor immediately transfers her to the transplant clinic ?
“She tries to make light of it, claiming as soon as she’s ill the doctors always presume it’s her kidney but, deep down, I think she’s more worried than she’s letting on.”

Why doesn’t she confide in Ken?
“He’s so cross with her after the Nick/Carla wedding, especially as it’s meant he’s now seeing less of Amy. Tracy takes that to mean he doesn’t care so, bar Beth [Lisa George], who’s proving to be quite a good friend, Tracy decides she’ll deal with it on her own.”

Robert and Beth find Tracy collapsed in the ginnel

Then she collapses in the ginnel and wakes up in hospital…
“I think for Tracy the only positive that comes out of it is that she hopes it will bring her and Amy back together. But Amy [Elle Mulvaney] is quite a tough cookie and she doesn’t come to the hospital to see her, even though Tracy is really quite ill. This really affects Tracy. She’s desperate to try to make amends with Amy.”

And Robert’s rejected her, too, right?
“Yes. She’s very lonely and very emotional when she’s at the hospital. Robert [Tristan Gemmill] visits her and she’s hopeful it means they have a future together, but it’s not going to be that simple, especially with Amy, who Tracy fears she may have lost forever.”

Do you think Amy could turn out to be like her mum?
“I think that Amy is becoming like a mini Tracy in the sense that she’s got all the answers and knows all the tricks. Amy’s not as devious as her mum, but Tracy’s met her match in a way.”

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