Will badly beaten Shona survive in Corrie?

Shona's seriously injured following a violent attack. Has she risked her life after challenging evil Nathan?

Bethany Platt is still unwittingly part of Nathan’s sleazy sex ring in Corrie, and continues to be manipulated by him. The schoolgirl’s mum, Sarah, has been concerned about her daughter’s relationship with the older salon owner, but she has no idea about the evil scenarios Bethany has been coerced into taking part in.

Unfortunately, it seems Nathan is a serial groomer, though, as he’s done this before – or tried to –with Shona when she dated him in the past. So when concerned Craig confides in an oblivious Shona about his school pal Bethany being caught in the clutches of nasty ‘Nathan’, Shona’s history with the salon owner leads her to a panicked realisation!

Will Shona be the hero of the hour and finally prise Bethany away from Nathan?