So, will Michelle sail away from Steve in Corrie? Kym Marsh hints at the heartbreak to come

Michelle thinks Steve is having a wild time with women on dating websites and she has accepted a job on a cruise ship. Is this really the end for Michelle and Steve McDonald? Kym Marsh tells us

Talk us through Michelle’s feeling since Steve found out the truth about Will…

“It has been really difficult for her as Steve [Simon Gregson] has frozen her out and she can’t get through to him. She has got to the point where she really doesn’t feel there is anything more she can do to try and get him to forgive her.”

Michelle (Kym) didn’t properly cheat but did cross a line. Who do you sympathise with more?

“She is the first person to admit what she did was wrong and she could have done a lot worse. Remember she was left on her own for months and he hadn’t even turned up for her birthday, or so she thought. I’m not condoning what she did, as it was wrong, but Steve does need to cut her some slack. She did confess and now she is paying the price.”

Are viewers on Michelle’s side?

“The viewers do seem to really love Steve and Michelle as a couple and most people seem to want them to sort out their differences and move on. They do think that he is being a bit harsh considering what he has done to Michelle in the past.”

Yes, Steve did properly cheat on Michelle with Becky…

“Exactly! And, yes, she has reminded him, what he did was much much worse but they are older now and more settled and he is obviously hurt. He was ill after all with depression and he knows he stayed away too long, so he probably blames himself a bit, but he won’t admit that.”

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Steve cheated on Michelle with Becky


Does she have any idea that Steve’s secretly pining for her?

“No, he is doing far too good a job of being cross with her and freezing her out. She genuinely believes that this is the end and that he is never going to forgive her.”

Is this why she takes the job on the cruise ship?

“She has got to the point where she just thinks there is nothing left for her. Carla has gone, her son is abroad and now it looks like her marriage is over so when her friend tells her about the job on the cruise ship it just seems like the right thing to do. She still loves singing and it feels like a fresh start for her. She can’t bear the thought of staying in Weatherfield and seeing Steve every day.”

Should she go, or should she stay and fight for her marriage?

“If Steve is not going to forgive her I can totally understand her desire to get away. She probably is also doing it to try and call his bluff, but that is a dangerous game as it looks very much as though he is going to let her go.”

Due to the Euro 2016 football tournament, Coronation Street’s next episode is on ITV on Wednesday, June 29, 7.30pm

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