Nasty Nathan proposes to Bethany in Corrie!

Bethany's 'boyfriend' Nathan has manipulated and abused her in Corrie, so when he proposes, what will she say?

After Nathan shockingly coerced Bethany to sleep with his friend and older man, Neil, surely Bethany should have escaped his clutches by now and run a mile? The distraught teen does run back to her mum Sarah’s for comfort, but with oblivious Sarah following Gary’s advice and playing it cool with her daughter over Nathan, Bethany feels like she doesn’t care…

Will she be pushed back into dodgy Nathan’s arms or will the sleazy salon owner have to pull out all the stops to win the abused and confused schoolgirl round?

It seems he doesn’t have to try too hard when he later charms the youngster back to his. But will she say ‘yes’ when he pops the questions?