Will Shona confess her killer secret to David in Coronation Street?

As she lies in hospital, the guilt-ridden mum comes closer to admitting her son is Kylie's murderer

Knowing her son, Clayton, killed Kylie, Shona has done her best to offer support to David but now finds herself falling for him. It would hardly seem a match made in heaven, even though David is still oblivious to her terrible secret. But for how long? After David inadvertently learns Shona has a child, she starts to open up a little. Is she about to confess all? Elsewhere, Jenny is still unaware of Johnny’s health concerns, and Nathan still has his hooks in poor Bethany, seemingly the only person in Weatherfield and beyond who can’t see he’s an out-and-out nasty piece of work. Can mum Sarah make her see sense at last?