11,500 Dancing on Ice votes missed

A total of 11,500 text votes for ITV’s Dancing on Ice final on Saturday night weren’t counted.

Vodafone said the texts in question were not delivered to ITV until Monday morning and customers received a message that their vote was too late.

ITV said the missing texts represented less than one per cent of the votes cast on Saturday night and would not have changed the result of the Dancing on Ice final, which was won by former England rugby player Kyran Bracken.

The phone company said it would be automatically refunding the cost of the votes.

A statement from ITV said: “Vodafone have assured us that this was an isolated problem, and they will be giving their customers a full refund.

“With almost one and a half million votes cast on Saturday night, these late votes would not have changed the result of any part of the competition.”

Vodafone UK said the 11,500 votes weren’t delivered until Monday morning because of a ‘technical problem’.

“These votes represented only a small minority of votes cast by Vodafone customers. All other texts were successfully delivered.”