Andy Whyment: ‘I’m no Sam Attwater!’

Coronation St‘s Andy Whyment says he’s looking forward to the challenge of Dancing on Ice – but not the pink costumes!

You’re skating with Dancing on Ice newcomer Vicky Ogden – how’s training going?

“Training is going really well, I’m really enjoying myself. No injuries so far, touch wood, although I did get a sore shoulder from practicing the roll-up lifts with Vicky.”

So, as far as soap stars go, are you more of a Sam Attwater [last year’s winner], or a Todd Carty?

“Well, I’m certainly not in Sam’s league, he was amazing. I’m not really good, but I’m not really bad either. My wife came to watch me train this week and filmed me on her smart phone. I actually looked better than I thought when I was dancing – I looked all right!”

How are you feeling about the first live show?

“I’m not nervous at the moment, but I’m pretty sure on the day we’re all going to feel the nerves a bit because we’re all completely out of our comfort zones. I just want to go out there and enjoy myself.”

Are you looking forward to wearing the costumes?

“I don’t mind some of the bright colours, but I have said I’d rather not wear bright pink! And I think I’d rather wear shirts rather than those tight vest tops because I’m not the biggest lad.”

How would it feel to be eliminated after your first performance?

“We’ve all been training for weeks so, I must admit, I’d be devastated; I’m kind of hoping I get through a good few weeks at least. I’m just going to do my best and hopefully the public will keep me in for a good while. Of course, I’d love to win, but I don’t think I’ve got a cat in hell’s chance, to be honest.”

Will your Coronation Street mates be supporting you throughout the competition?

“Yes – but some are saying they’re expecting ‘Bambi on Ice’ because they think I’ll just keep falling over. Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone, says that when he comes to watch me he hopes I fall cause it’ll be funny. But I think that’s what everyone watches it for really!”

Dancing on Ice begins on Sunday, January 8 at 6.30pm on ITV1.