Surprise Dancing on Ice frontrunner Chloe Madeley has victory in her sights – and she tells us her famous parents, Richard and Judy, couldn’t be prouder.

Why did you volunteer for the show?
“I’ve always been fearless and life is short and I’m a fan of sports like sky-diving and white water rafting, so when this opportunity came along it was right up my street.”

Are you going to do the headbanger if you get the chance then?
“I’m psyching myself up for it because I really want to try it soon. Hopefully I’ll get the chance in the next couple of weeks because if I leave Dancing on Ice having not done the headbanger I’ll be gutted!”

Are you a regular skater?
“I go in December with a couple of friends but we skate around for 10 minutes and then we get off and drink mulled wine! Training on the ice is the hardest thing in the world. When we started I was one of the worst skaters and I thought I was going to be one of the first to go, especially because I’m not a soap star and I don’t have a big audience. I’m really thrilled that my coaches and my partner, Michael, have pushed me to improve as much as I have.”

Are you becoming competitive?
“I never thought I would consider anyone else’s skating in comparison to mine, but that’s starting to change. I want to get up there with Laura Hamilton – she always gets half a point more than me. I wish I could be as good as her, just for once!”

How have your parents been
“I hit the jackpot with my parents, they are so supportive and loving. I’ve never seen my mum this excited about anything – she’s enjoying every second. And my dad has been making banners. When I see them I feel a mixture of love, because it’s very sweet, and also pity, because he’s really artistically challenged. He basically gaffa tapes 10 pieces of A4 paper together, gets a blue felt tip pen and writes ‘Go Chloe’ on it. I don’t know whether I should be proud or embarrassed!”

So are you looking to continue skating?
“I would love to swap presenting for skating! This show is the best thing I’ve ever done – it’s so fulfilling and I feel so lucky that my job at the moment is to learn how to be a figure skater. I’m desperate to go on the tour because you travel with all your best mates for a month, you all sleep and live on the tour bus together and you get to perform every night. It would just be unbelievable.”

And what about the costumes?
“The first day we went to wardrobe I saw hundreds of bright colours and sequins and I screamed like a child! I was jumping up and down and the designer said that no-one’s ever had that reaction before. I said, ‘Are you serious? This is the best thing ever!’”

And your favourite costume so far?
“The black catsuit I wore for my ‘Rock n’ Roll’ routine. I loved it, but I thought, ‘What are my parents going to say?’ I was sure mum would hate it but they both thought it was brilliant. The Madeley clan are fans of the catsuit!’