Christine Bleakley’s a ‘wonderful stepmum’, says Frank Lampard

Christine Bleakley is a wonderful stepmum, according to her fiance Frank Lampard.

The TV star is stepmother to the footballer’s daughters – Luna, eight, and Isla, six – and he told the Daily Mirror that she is doing a great job.

“Christine’s done amazingly becoming a step-parent to them,” he said.

“She’s been in the girls’ lives for four years now, she’s completely taken to it. It’s not an easy role as any step-parent knows.”

However, Frank admitted he doesn’t know whether he and Christine will have children of their own.

“It’s something we would consider,” he said. “I wouldn’t want a headline, ‘We want kids’ because it’s something we want to do in our own time. If we’re going to do it.”

The couple got engaged in 2011 and are now making plans for their big day, which Frank said they want to do ‘completely our own way’.

“Ideally we would do it sneakily so no one would know and then it’s done and I wouldn’t get this pressure. We were excited about it from the minute we got engaged,” he said.


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