Corey Feldman has confessed that his aim isn’t to win Dancing On Ice, but to survive “without sustaining any major injuries”.

The Goonies star, 40, had only been to an ice rink a handful of times in his life before signing up for the show, and admitted he was struggling during rehearsals.

“I’ve been meeting the ice – my face and the ice get very close. I’ve been making out with the ice,” he joked.

“But it’s actually getting better, I’m faring a lot better than I thought I would. In the beginning I was quite awful, Now I only fall five times a day versus 20.”

The former child star, who said he would cry all day over a paper cut alone, added: “I’d only been on the ice five or six times my entire life and I was terribly uncoordinated. My goal is not to win, my goal is to survive without sustaining any major injuries.”

Corey attended the launch of the series, which returns to ITV1 on Sunday, wearing a jewel-encrusted blazer and silver sparkly belt.

He said of his Dancing On Ice costumes: “I have no problem with the bling. But I have a few problems with the pink.”