Corey Feldman worried about Dancing On Ice lifts

Dancing On Ice celebrity Corey Feldman has confessed that he is worried about being able to lift his skating partner Brooke Castile due to her muscular physique.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror the 40-year-old Hollywood star said, “I’m scared of lifting my partner. She’s got these giant, muscly legs and a hard bubble butt. Not in a bad butt way. I think each cheek weighs about 20lbs. That’s a lot of work.”

And Corey – who is only five foot five inches tall and has had to gain half a stone in weight to be able to carry Brooke – admitted that their relationship didn’t get off to the best start but has since improved.

“She came in with this very rigid attitude,” he admitted. “I think her words were ‘I’m going to be a ball-buster’.

“Once we started ­having a bit of fun on the ice it all started coming ­together. But she has no interest in ­hanging out with me. I think she’s nervous about crossing ­boundaries.”

Corey and Brooke will appear on this Sunday’s opening show but will not give their debut performance until next weekend.

Sunday’s opening show will see seven of this year’s celebrities – Heidi Range, Chemmy Allcott, Andy Akinwolere, Jorgie Porter, Andy Whyment and Mark Rhodes – take to the ice for the first time, with the remainder set to skate next Sunday.

The action kicks off on ITV1 from 6.30pm.