Dancing On Ice: celebrities go solo in the semi!

The four remaining contestants in Dancing on Ice have faced the challenge of performing solo as they compete for a place in next Sunday’s final.

Chloe Madeley, Laura Hamilton, Johnson Beharry VC and Sam Attwater each performed two routines in Sunday evening’s semi-final – one with their professional partner and a second in which they had the ice to themselves.

And it was a night of mixed fortunes for the semi-finalists, in a night which was dominated by top-notch performances from Sam and Laura.

The former EastEnders star, who was in the skate-off last Sunday and who has slipped down the scoreboard in recent weeks, once again found himself in pole position, scoring 28 out of 30 for his routine with partner Brianne Delcourt and 27 for his solo skating.

“You are back which is so exciting,” Emma Bunton said of his first performance. “Do not let it slip through your fingers again.”

And Jason Gardiner agreed. “Finally, the connection is there again,” he said.

Meanwhile Robin Cousins described his solo routine as “terrific”, while Emma Bunton added, “I’m so glad we got to see you do a solo performance.”

Laura Hamilton also fared well, tying with Sam in the first round on 28 out of 30 and then scoring 26.5 for her solo work.

“It was lovely to watch,” Robin Cousins told her, while Jason added “That was a semi-finalist’s performance.”

Meanwhile Emma called her solo routine “brilliant”, and Jason was even more enthusiastic. “That is a solo skate I didn’t think we would ever get to see from anyone in this competition,” he said.

However it wasn’t such a good week for Chloe Madeley after she topped the judges’ scoreboard for the first time last Sunday.

The TV presenter, who kicked off the show, lost marks after she and partner Michael Zenezini took a tumble during their routine to Katy Perry’s Firework.

The judges were sympathetic, praising her for managing to regain composure, but she still scored only 21 out of 30 for her first performance.

“I was looking at your finishings and I have to be honest with you, tonight I felt some of your lines were not as clean as they should be for a semi-final performance,” Jason said.

She did better with her solo routine, but with just 20 out of 30, was still far behind the front-runners.

“You’re so good but you seem to lose confidence on your own,” Emma said.

Meanwhile Johnson once again finished bottom of the heap, scoring 18 out of 30 for his routine with partner Jodeyne Higgins and once again attracting criticism from Jason. “It didn’t really go anywhere,” he complained. “There was no pizzazz in any of your presentation.”

And the notoriously catty judge was similarly critical of Johnson’s solo routine to Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy, which scored him 15 points.

“Ironically I was worried and I was far from happy,” he said of the performance.

The results will be revealed later on Sunday evening, with two contestants going straight through to the final and the last finalist being determined by the final skate-off of the series.

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