Dancing On Ice: Chloe bruised in fall!

Dancing On Ice‘s Chloe Madeley has become the latest celebrity skater to come a cropper after she was badly bruised in a fall during rehearsals on Thursday.

According to Daily Mail Online, the 23-year-old TV presenter took a tumble while she was practising her routine for this Sunday’s show with her partner Michael Zenezini, bringing him crashing down on to the ice with her.

However she is determined not to let it affect this weekend’s performance.

“Chloe was doing her jeté and instead of landing on her foot flatly she caught her toe pick and crashed on the ice,” a show spokesperson explained.

“Michael who was right behind her and fell on top of her but managed to avoid cutting her.”

Chloe revealed on her Twitter page on Saturday that the injury was causing her considerable pain.

“Arm still killing, plus I fell on it yesterday pretty badly, but I don’t care, I just don’t want it to affect routine,” she tweeted.

Dad Richard Madeley added on his page that he was “off for arnica cream, tablets, witch hazel and all the other stuff you’ve recommended for bruise-busting.”

Sunday’s show will see the nine remaining contestants performing to classic songs from hit musicals.