Dancing on Ice: Hardman Ellery is pretty in pink

Great Britain rugby league legend Ellery Hanley is embracing his feminine side as he takes part in Dancing On Ice.

The sportsman said he was even ready to wear pink for the occasion. “I quite like it, I like the sparkling outfits, I like the colours, I like the pink, I like the blue, I like the yellow – there will be a few eyebrows raised when I say this, but I think you’ve got to embrace it,” he said.

Loose Women presenter Coleen Nolan is also keen to get dressed up. “We’ve had like one costume fitting so I have only had it on once. They are lovely for a girl, I mean the girl part of it, the girl part you is like, ‘Oh dressing up and looking pretty and that’,” she said.

But Graeme Le Saux said he was more concerned about falling than the outfits.

“I was doing all right in terms of my falls were OK before one particular Friday and then I came crashing down on my head, so it was quite nasty.

“I really hurt myself so it was suddenly a bit of a wake-up call to the fact that it can be quite dangerous. It actually really knocked my confidence for a few days. I didn’t feel like I wanted to be there, it took me a week to get back to where I was before,” said Graeme.

*Dancing on Ice premieres on ITV1 this Sunday, January 11*

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