Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner has apparently quit the show’s live tour in a row over his contract.

Australian choreographer Jason is the judge that fans of the ITV1 show love to hate – and the thousands who have already bought tickets for the arena shows will miss his cutting comments.

But a source told The Sun: “There was a big row between Jason and and Phil McIntyre Entertainment, who are the tour promoters. It was over contract negotiations.

“In the end Jason told them to stuff it and said they could do it with just four of the judges.”

The tour, which kicks off at the Sheffield Arena on April 2, pits stars from different series of the reality show against each other.

Disaster-prone actor Todd Carty, who was booted off the show on Sunday night, is among those taking part.

Jason said: “I’m glad Todd’s gone – he was tragic. But it was bittersweet, a little bit of the show’s soul was lost on Sunday night.”

And he reckoned that rugby league ace Ellery Hanley would get the boot this Sunday.

He said: “He’s been consistently in the bottom two and he really doesn’t have it. The viewers have lost as much interest as we have. He’s the most boring thing on ice. He has not improved since week one. It must be soul destroying.”

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