Dancing on Ice‘s frosty judge Jason Gardiner has admitted he’s warming to hapless celebrity skater Todd Carty.

Sharp-tongued Jason is backing the accident-prone ex-EastEnders actor to win the ITV show, despite admitting that Todd can’t skate.

The choreographer told The Sun: “As much as I cringe, he’s a crowd pleaser.

“He does go out there and commits to his routine – it’s just uncomfortable that his best is not that good.”

“I’m coming to understand – although it’s taken me four series – that actually we all like to have a good laugh at somebody.”

And it seems that many viewers are enjoying the laugh Todd’s performance gave them last week – the video has gained more than a million hits on Youtube.

Jason said the other judges will often thank him for “saying something they could not get away with” – but he admitted that his relationship with ex-skaters Robin Cousins, Karen Barber and Nicky Slater as, at times, been strained because of his lack of knowledge in the sport.

He told the paper: “For a while, I was the only voice talking about the creative side of things, the choreography and movement.

“It did create a bit of tension, Robin told me, ‘We look at the performance from the skates up, you judge from the head down’.”

But, he added: “Let’s face it, I’m the only one who says what everyone’s thinking.”

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