Dancing On Ice saved my marriage, says Melinda

Celebrity skater Melinda Messenger has revealed that her stint on Dancing on Ice has helped to rescue her troubled marriage.

The former glamour model told The Sun that she and hubby Wayne are now planning to renew their vows after he moved back into their Berkshire home.

The pair, who have three children, had been apart for eight months- but Melinda said that her going on the show pulled them back from the brink.

“This has been the most brilliant thing for all of us,” Melinda told the paper, “it’s made us massively closer.”

“Last year was hard for all of us. So it’s nice to be immersed in something that is really fun and exciting and difficult. My head can’t go anywhere else – I have to be completely focused on the skating.”

Wayne – who has been married to Melinda for 10 years – has been at the studio watching her performances on the ITV1 show every week.

“He’s behind me 100 per cent, at every low moment,” Melinda revealed. “He sends me the most incredible texts before the show that really lift me and it’s really hit home just what an amazing man he is.”

“Believe me, I appreciate it 100 per cent that we were able to get back together. It’s quite heartbreaking to think how very different things could have been.”

Meanwhile, bookies said that the number of bets cast on Dancing On Ice has halved since Todd Carty was booted off the show last week.

Ellery Hanly is favourite to be eliminated this Sunday, while Ray Quinn remains the favourite to win the series.