The seventh week of Dancing on Ice has provided a few surprises – including some words of praise for Roxanne from her arch nemesis Jason.

The notoriously catty judge has failed to see eye to eye with the Emmerdale star and has slated her skating throughout the series, last week comparing her to “a Cabbage Patch doll”.

Tonight, however, she fared better with her Marilyn Monroe-inspired routine.

“I thought that was a better performance from you tonight,” Jason told Roxanne, much to her amazement. “I found it quite charming and I expected that you weren’t going to be, and you proved me wrong. I enjoyed that immensely.”

Elsewhere, it was another good night for Ray Quinn who, having scored full marks from the judges last week managed to finish just 0.5 marks short of another full house this week.

“We’re talking about a partnership that is magnificent to watch,” Robin Cousins told Ray after he and partner Maria Filippov had performed a 50s inspired routine to Rock Around the Clock.

“She allows you to stay true to what you are. Brilliant to watch.”

Jessica Taylor and Zoe Salmon also continued to fare well although Donal McIntyre and Melinda Messenger found themselves near the bottom of the scoreboard.

Nicky Slater told Melinda she needed to work on her “basic skating”, while Jason said Donal needed to “savour some of his tricks. At the moment you’re cutting them in two”.

Meanwhile Colleen Nolan finished in last place with just 16.5 points. “You are so much fun until you put your skates on,” Karen Barber commented.

The show also featured a live performance from Will Young, which served as the backdrop for a Torvill and Dean performance.