Axed Dancing On Ice star and former girlfriend of Simon Cowell Sinitta has said she is ‘gutted’ and ‘stunned’ to be the first celeb to leave the show.

Some 10.2 million viewers tuned in to the show which started on ITV1 on Sunday.

The Sun reported that she wrote on her Twitter page: “So sorry everyone! I’m stunned, gutted and sad as I really enjoyed it.”

She added that ‘the frog lift got the better of me’ and explained how much she admired fellow contestant Heather Mills, saying: “She is amazing.”

Sinitta added: “I used to be staring at the legs. The first time we did show and tell, I’d be staring, literally going, ‘Which leg is it?’ Because you didn’t know.”

The former popstar appeared on This Morning today and ended up having a debate with Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner.

Sinitta said: “We had asked for the frog lift to be taken away and we spent one day where we did nothing but the frog lift and we only managed to do it two times out of the twenty and said we need to change it because it doesn’t work with the routine.

“So then we were rehearsing a new routine that we were able to nail each time, and then at the last minute we were told that the frog lift is going back in.”

But panelist Jason suggested that if Sinitta was struggling with the frog lift she should have thrown a ‘diva strop’ in rehearsals so that it was cut from the routine.

The singer responded: “Well I didn’t have a diva strop as I thought they must believe in me, and maybe I can do it.”

Sinitta managed the move the first time in the show but struggled when she was asked to perform her routine again.

She said: “I felt like I wanted to skate like it was the last time and do a great performance but my nerves – I’d been having nightmares about the frog lift since it went back in.

“So it was like my nightmare, I prophesied it for myself… I kept thinking I’m going to make sure I’m nowhere near Andres manhood and I went too wide and slipped off, but we kind of recovered, it’s not like we fell on our faces. We tried to save it.”