Danniella Westbrook talks about how Dancing on Ice has brought her family together and given her a second chance in life.

What is it like going out on to the rink?

“Terrifying. As soon as I skate out I look up at my children before I start and then I’m all right. It’s a confidence boost to see them.”

How have your children (Kai, 13, daughter Jody, eight, and step-daughter Jordan, 15) enjoyed cheering you on?

“When I was asked to go on Dancing On Ice, they said, ‘Please, Mum, go and do it!’ Kai and Jody both skate regularly and I wanted to do something that I could do with them instead of being a mum who sits on the side with a cup of coffee. It’s nice to be able to interact with your kids, as they get older there’s less you can do with them socially.”

Has the schedule been tough?

“I only take work that’ll fit in with the family. It’s been hardcore recently, but worth it because the kids enjoy it. Any normal parent, doing any normal job, you try and spread yourself both ways, don’t you?”

How have you changed since becoming a mum?

“Since Jody was born I’m a lot calmer and I see things for what they are. I’ve realised it’s not about what car you drive, whether you’ve got the right handbag and if you’re seen in the right places, it’s about home life and making sure everybody’s got enough of what they need – time, attention and love. As you get older, your outlook and needs change. You need less and give a bit more.”

What advice have you given your children?

“I’ve said to all of them, you get out of life what you put in. And treat people the way you want to be treated – you can’t judge everybody on their actions all the time.”

And what are your hopes for them?

“I want them to pick a career that is fulfilling and makes them happy because it’s not all about money. Yes, we have to survive, but really enjoy what you do because life is precious.”

Do you think Dancing on Ice has changed people’s opinion of you in any way?

“Ten years ago, people thought I was a complete write-off and now they’re picking up the phone to vote for me, that’s humbling. If I go out before the final, at least I’ve shown people where I’ve come from and that you can get over huge things in life.”

How else has the show helped you?

“It’s broadened my horizons and given me less fear. I’d love to do something completely different, like to go back to drama school and do a course, or be in a West End show. The show has also taught me a lot about discipline. I’ve always been health conscious, but not to this extent. When it’s all over I’ll still skate at least twice a week with my kids. Plus, my body has completely transformed in three months. Today we’re under so much pressure to have liposuction and surgery, but it’s a really dangerous thing to do to your body. With skating, you really can keep in shape.”

How will you be spending Mothering Sunday?

“Normally the kids bring me breakfast in bed. Jody picks me flowers from the garden. We don’t go out and buy lavish presents; I prefer it when they make cards. They’ve made banners for the show themselves which is great because they’ve taken the time to make them – there’s even spelling mistakes!”